Blueberry Pancake

24 Sep

Blueberry “pancake”

It’s been a while now since my “oh wow!” -moment when first trying the soft-serve at Momofuku Milkbar. It doesn’t sound so delicious – cerealmik softserve topped with sugary cornflakes – but it sure is delicious!

When a milkbar then opened up in Williamsburg, I have found myself wandering off on strange routs every now and then, “accidentally” passing the store. Anything I have eaten from there so far is dangerously good and so is their 3 for $5 cookie deal. If you have never tried their blueberry-white chocolate cookie, I’m telling you: Do it! It is almost like eating a soft, melt-in-your-mouth buttery blueberry muffins in the shape of a cookie. No  holding back on the butter and sugar here…

The newest creation I tried was the seasonal soft-serve Blueberry Pancake, topped with “pancake bites.” And believe it or not, I might like it even more than my old addiction cereal milk! The soft-serve has a fresh blueberry flavor, with only a hint of “pancake.” If I wouldn’t know the flavor should be there, I probably would just think it was blueberry with some cake-y aftertaste. The “pancake bites” taste more like crumb-cake as well, but hey, I’m not complaining. Maybe the soft-serve should be called blueberry crumb-cake instead, but besides form the name, Momofuku – you did it again!

Link 22 Sep


One Week Later

19 Sep

It’s been one week since my Bikini = Ham & Cheese Croissant revelation.

And what do I see when opening up the Dining section in today’s New York Times?

BIKINIS Don’t expect scantily clad servers; the attraction here is Barcelona-style grilled sandwiches: 56 Avenue C (Fourth Street), (212) 777-2277.”

Talk about coincidence, right!?

I’ll Cook Tomorrow

18 Sep

…but on a stormy day like today, being lazy and getting pizza from Carmines seemed like the perfect dinner plan. One slice of Veggies of the day and one Ricotta-spinach. Plenty of toppings and crispy crust. Lucky to have my favorite pizza in New York on delivery-distance from home.

Do You Nacho NY?

17 Sep

What do you think about this new spin on the classic I <3 NY logo?

Must say I’m not sure about the nacho t-shirt, but I would be happy to walk around carrying that guacamole tote-bag. I will definitely keep this site in mind as the holiday season gets closer. Avocado tattoos for everyone!

No Name Noodles

16 Sep

For Asian-inspired food coming out of a tiny (ex-storage room) kitchen, in the basement of a bar, the noodles at No Name Bar were surprisingly delicious.

The order is placed and paid for at the bar upstairs, where you will then receive a ticket to take down to the kitchen. There the chef will take your ticket and give you an approximate wait time. Maybe not the most logical way to run things, but then again, it’s a bar not a restaurant.

The menu was simple with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The odd-card in the otherwise quite classic Asian menu was squid-ink noodles, which seemed more like a pasta dish.

For me, the choice stood between the vegetarian ramen soup ($11) or the chili sesame noodles ($10). I decided that soup could wait until the colder seasons, and went for the flat noodles. My husband took the Lamb Cumin Noodles ($12). And who can say no to quail eggs ($5)?

The food, which we enjoyed in the backyard, actually topped my expectations.

Quail eggs are quail eggs, not much to comment on that. Hard to peel and not much to eat, but oh-so-cute and good.

The noodles in all dishes are hand-pulled and made on the spot, which gives them a quite thick and chewy texture. Both our dishes came with the flat, wide noodles, which actually is my favorite kind (though very filling). For a “chili-noodle” my dish was not as spicy as I expected, but actually much more nut-flavored from the tahini sauce. The sesame seeds gave a nice crispy texture, and so did the greens the noodles were topped with. Just a few added squirts of siracha sauce and the flavors were spot on!

My husband was pleased with his lamb dish as well. I tasted the noodles, which to me, could have had a stronger cumin flavor – but then again, the flavor was probably in the actual meat. As a nice surprise we were served a side of kale dressed with the same tahini sauce as in my dish. To me, this was a fun new twist on how to serve kale, and I really, really enjoyed it. Maybe that is what I should try next week: Asian spin on kale. Hmm…

All in all, the food was good. I salute the chef, Linda Salminen (who btw. comes from a 50% Finnish family) for creating such flavorful, fresh-tasting food in a tiny bar-kitchen. Now, I wish there was a take-out option, as winter approaches and the backyard closes, a crowded dark bar will be the only dining option…

Right Now

16 Sep

I am contemplating two things:

To do or not to do yoga, and to try or not to try the noodles served at No Name Bar.

As I work across the street from this place, I have been interested to try these “secret noodles” since I heard that they existed from a customer , whose friends friend is the chef. A very Williamsburg story: A bar with no name opens up, becomes popular and cool for having no name and so being “hard to find.” Suddenly, the bar with no name has opened up a “unknown” noodle bar downstairs. the only way to know this is if you see their health inspection grade “A” in the window or you hear it from someone. Or you do a “secret noodle spots” google search.

Anyway, today when it finally is less than 80 degrees outside, noodles sound more tempting than during our hot and humid summer. So I think a decision is made: Yes and yes.

Yoga and noodles.