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Newbie in Heathy Food-Trends: Chia Seeds (and how it got into a corporate muffin with it’s own facebook page)

24 May

Does Chia Seeds make a muffin healthy?

It was not long a go when I found a new item in the “raw-food” section in my favorite natural food market in the West Village. This was a “Chia Seed Pudding” that came in different flavors (coconut, blueberry, raspberry). I had never heard about chia-seeds before, but the pudding looked good and I decided to give it a shot.

As I spooned the awesome pudding in me (yes, it was very good), I decided to google this “chia” to see what it was all about. From the look of the pudding I assumed it would be some sort of water-binding seed like flax-seeds, but its texture was softer and its taste milder. And yes, I was right about its similar properties of flax-seeds, but this “chia” turned out to be much more than that.

So here are 6 good reasons to eat Chia Seeds:

  1. Help weight loss.
  2. Feel fuller faster
  3. Hydration for athletes
  4. Reduce your blood pressure
  5. Omega-3
  6. Benefits for diabetes (control blood sugar)

Yep, sounds pretty good right? You can read up on the why’s and how’s here:

So, I felt pretty good to have found the chia pudding, and did definitely findd myself hoping it could be a closer place than West Village to go and get my chia-fix. Then, on a regular Thursday when I had to waste some time before a meeting at my office around Rockefeller Center, I stepped into a huge Le Pain Quotidien. My feelings towards this chain-cafe/bakery/restauant are not the warmest, as the one I used to buy coffee from back in the days had both terrible service and poured milk in my “black” coffee. Well, i took a look around and what did I see: A proud sign saying “New: Chia Seed Muffin!” (Yes, it has it’s own facebook page…)

The look on my face when reading it most have been a interesting sight, as surprised and amused as I was. Here we go again – another product that first is a never-spoken-about health-freak item, and all of a sudden it is spread out on the corporate market. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that America tries to push healthier foods, but in the same way I think it is funny to see how some items becomes super-wanted just because they are told to be healthy. I mean, take this muffin for example. It is still a muffin, and a non-vegan one. This means butter and sugar, and most likely not a little of it.

But yes, the chia seed makes it a better choice than most muffins, I guess. I should just stop talking now before I get too confusing. Btw, the muffin is pretty good, but I still prefer taking a trip down to my West Village pudding…


What makes the world feel like a better place again…

17 May

…is Peter Pan’s egg-sandwich!

Yes, I know, this picture includes some (well, a lot of it…) bacon, but as the fiance of a big meat-eater this is sometimes the case. Just go ahead and erase that meat from your mind, and imagine that fluffy, perfectly cooked egg on a light and crispy bun, with the saltiness of a slice of cheese… Do I have to say more? Oh, and ou will get it for less than three bucks!

Yes, I must have convinced you – get over to Greenpoint. And the donuts, they deserve their own post. I will just reveal that they are even cheaper and just as delicious as the master-sandwich.