Call me foodie, food-lover, obsessed, passionate…

Originally from Finland, I now live and learn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

I study journalism and like to think, write and walk. Talking is ok too.

Oh, and then I like to eat, cook, bake, read about food, talk about food, think about food, look at food…

I am open for almost anything edible or drinkable, excluding meat.

I am fascinate with new food-trends and other food and nutrition related matters.

In a world where people goes crazy over what to eat and what not to eat, I try to stay sane by eating whatever I feel like, in moderation.

Here at “edible thoughts” I write about food-related things I hear, see and taste in my daily life in New York. So if you ever asked yourself how to get cheap pine nuts, where to get the best food-deals around Greenpoint/Williamsburg or why McDonalds gets all the blame for obesity – this is a good place to look.


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