10 Jan

An old favorite of mine, Kale, has made a comeback into my kitchen.

When I first moved to New York I fell in love with this leafy green after I randomly picked it up at the Farmers Market. Unfamiliar with this giant bunch of curly leafs (Kale’s downside – it takes up half of your refrigerator), I mostly just munched on it raw, as a replacement for lettuce. Maybe not the most flavorful way to enjoy it, but I was satisfied and felt like I did my vegetarian body a great favor. Filled with vitamins, iron and quite a surprising amount of protein, Kale is definitely a real “King of Vegetables” worth adding to your meal every now and then.

But as plain raw Kale can lead to a quite bitter experience of endless chewing, I recommend steaming and seasoning it for a tasty side-dish, chopping it fine and mixing it into a salad, or adding it to a stir-fry or soup. 

Right now a big bunch of Kale is waiting in my kitchen to be taken care of, and I will share the recipe for my personal Kale-favorite of the moment with you once it’s all cooked and eaten!


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