Finnish School Lunch at MoMA

28 Sep

And I’m not joking.

An exhibition, “The Best School in the World: Seven Finnish Examples from the 21st Century,” will be taking place here in New York of all places beginning October 1st. And as part of the exhibition Cafe 2 at MoMA will serve up “Finnish School Lunch” for $18. There’s a certain irony in the fact that this lunch price is nearly 20 bucks, when the whole “thing” about the school lunches in Finland is that all students eat for free… But I do have to say that I’m extremely curious to know what dishes will be chosen to represent our basic school lunch.

Finnish School Lunch as I remember it.
“Pyttipanna” – one of my favorites back in my carnivore days… (picture taken from wikipedia)

The only thing (I think) I can be sure of to see on the menu is the classic “Näkkileipä,” served as a side with every meal in I believe every school, except on those luxurious few days when you got actual soft bread. In my school there was also a certain trend going on for a while to only eat a few slices of näkkileipä with some margarine and a glass of water. So much for being grateful for the free meals…

Besides this hard bread I honestly think it is hard to pick just one typical school lunch. Boiled potatoes and a meat sauce maybe?

I actually enjoyed quite a few dishes, with oatmeal as my definite favorite! And during the days I still ate meat, “pyttipanna” (hash?) was quite awesome too.

Oatmeal and hash. My favorite food?

Well, I can proudly say that my pallet has grown a bit more sophisticated since those days. And in my defense I can always point to the fact that this was just school lunch. Free school lunch. For every single student in the country before entering higher education. When you think about it that way, oatmeal and hash sounds pretty good, no?


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